Virtual Reality Shopping Experience

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This project is being supported by EPIC Games to develop commercial automation solutions with the help of Unreal Engine. The powerful graphics, backend coding and API integration makes Unreal Engine the most relevant tool in developing high quality reliable real-time solutions.

This demo showcases our work on delivering realtime data analytics with AAA quality graphics. The demo showcases how modern shopping will be done virtually via VR, AR and onscreen navigation. This proof of concept opens up a wide variety of doors in terms of where this technology can be taken and what solutions can be derived from it. Talk about HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) for home and industrial automation, incredible (out of the world) shopping experiences and so much more.

Check out the Real-time graphics footage below.

Client & Admin Experience

This Real-time recording showcases how the client may be able to choose from various tiling options from the shop’s catalogue. The materials may be selected for different items and the items themselves may also be changed. (not demonstrated in this demo).

Below we have demonstrated two apps, one for the client end and one for the admin end and we showcase how the two apps work in parallel.

Client Application


You will notice that the price gets updated as the materials are selected and required areas are typed in. At the end of the experience the client saves the settings and the information is sent over to the admin for receipts and payments.

Notice that all this data is sent back and forth online so the client app may be at multiple different outlets and all data from the different stores is gather to the admin panel, where various useful analytics may be run.

Admin Application


The admin app collects data from all the outlets and showcases key metrics like how much of what materials is used for particular item like ceiling, floor and table in our case. This gives valuable information on what materials are popular and what materials combinations are popular among customers.

Via the admin app, the unit prices for all items in all stores can be updated with one simple click. Many such features can be added to track beneficial metrics.

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