Realtime Simulation & Sensor Data

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Digital Twin & Sensor Data Visualization in Realtime

The automation system controls electronic devices by integrating IOT devices and sensors. We can control electronic devices and industrial machines through an intuitive UI. The simulation hosts minimalist UI design for a better human-computer interaction.

Software Development

Software utilizes Google Firebase a NoSql database with realtime data-syncing. The plugins enables the software to perform basic read and write operations on the firebase realtime database which then received by the hardware to turn the device on or off or to perform any other function.

Hardware Development

Hardware comprises of environmental sensors (temperature, humidity) and few relays (electrically operated switches) to control the electronic devices. A float switch is used to determine the water level in the tank. Micro-controller with a wifi connection controls all these IOT devices, writes data on database and also reads the data from database. This way the hardware is sending the sensors data to firebase and that data is then received and reflected back on the software user interface in realtime.


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