This research and development project pursues development of Real-time Data monitoring. The aim is to develop a robust software solution based on Unreal Engine which would allow solving the future needs for HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) and monitoring systems.
The initial scope of the project was to cover solutions for the industrial floors however now the scope has been expanded into developing solutions for factories, retail stores and other commercial use cases.

The project is a recepient of Epic Mega Grants.

The Grant is awarded to  game developers, enterprise professionals, media and entertainment creators, students, educators, and tool developers doing amazing things with Unreal Engine.

Since the award, we have made immense progress in achieving our objectives. Following is the timeline of how we are developing solutions and expertise to harness the potential of Unreal Engine.



The simulation was created for our clients as a solution for their Graphical User Interface to monitor and intervene machine operations on the factory floor.

Detailed models of the machines to be monitored were developed and the rest were represented with space holders.

The simulation can take real-time data and display that on the view port. The interactive simulation allows for visualization of data in an intuitive form where red flags are easier to detect and machine operations can be halted manually.

The GUI displays detailed machine status and downtime warnings if any. The UI has been developed keeping in mind bigger factory floors with more machines so that the same system can be scaled up and can be monitored through a single view port.


This demo showcases our work on delivering real-time data analytics with AAA quality graphics. The demo showcases how modern shopping will be done virtually via VR, AR and onscreen navigation. This proof of concept opens up a wide variety of doors in terms of where this technology can be taken and what solutions can be derived from it. Talk about HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) for home and industrial automation, incredible (out of the world) shopping experiences and so much more.

Factory Configurator

Digital configurators have been widely accepted in the automotive and product design industries. There is a growing demand for interactive modular configurators in the production facilities as well. Our pilot with MPS factory configurator is an example of the demand and interest the industry is showing towards this.

IOT & Industry 4.0

An automation system that controls electronic devices by integrating IOT devices and sensors. We can control electronic devices and industrial machines through an intuitive UI. The simulation hosts minimalist UI design for a better human-computer interaction.